Creative writing lesson ideas.

Assign to a class (with edits).

Imagine this is just the start of a movie. What happens next? How do people react to them. Do they get into trouble? Do they become famous, or infamous? Write the rest of the story.

Write an alternate ending. Does she take off in time? Do they build a plane together? Do her parents arrive? Try to build tension. Does the small girl have a secret? Is she in danger?

A giant moved into our town and things got interesting.

Write about what happened. How did people react? What kind of trouble did he cause? Were there any upsides?
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Where cats are bigger than people.

Imagine a place where cats are as big as people. Write a short story about how Alice met her cat and they became friends. How intelligent are the cats? Are they always friendly, or can they be dangerous? How big are other animals?

The diamond.

The diamond gives Emma special abilities. What are they? Who stole the diamond? How will she get it back with the help of her bird friends? And why is it such a dangerous quest? Write a short story and try to build tension, perhaps through menacing danger, a sense that Emma is running out of time, or some important knowledge that only the reader is aware of.
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