A guide to Pindex

Assign to a class (with edits).

Pindex is a pinboard to collect and discover the best educational material. If you're a teacher, you can assign any of our boards to your students (a duplicate board is created under your name, so you can add, remove and edit posts).

Unlock internet gold (example above) each time you complete a quiz or check off three posts.
If you're a teacher, watch your students become more engaged and motivated, with these brief, rewarding breaks that harness the addictive side of the internet.
Students can repeat quizzes until they score 100% and unlock internet gold. You can track their progress under quizzes (existing ones that you assign or new ones you create and share).

Open boards

Anyone can submit great material to open boards and editors only approve outstanding material.
To submit a post, open a board and click the blue + button at the top.
You will be credited for the post, with a link to your profile.
Open boards you contribute to will also appear in a new section on your profile page, below boards you create and follow.

With your input, we can create exceptional videos and boards for your university. Creating inspiring material is the best way to attract more students and will highlight your university as a leader in each field. We love to make learning exciting. Get in touch at feedback @ pindex.com (please remove the spaces).

Quizzes and awards.

If you add a completion award, people will earn it when they check off each post on your board. If you post a quiz to the board, people must score 100% to progress and earn the award. They can take the quiz as many times as they like.
If you're a teacher, quizzes can help you monitor progress without any marking. If you share the board via pindex (click the share icon at the top of the board and share via email), you can then track results directly under the quiz on your board.

The Pindex browser button.

While browsing the web, click the pindex bookmark button to pin images or videos from the page. You can get the bookmark button via the main menu at the top of the page.

Become a Pindex editor.

Join our team of Pindex editors, which includes teachers, professors and enthusiasts with a talent for curating great material. Help expand and refine popular open boards and review material posted by the community.
You'll be credited on boards and on your profile page and we often feature boards created by editors.
It's currently unpaid, except in appreciation from people who share your passion - educators, students and curious minds all over the world.
Please contact john@pindex.com.

If you have any problems or ideas, we really appreciate feedback@pindex.com.


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